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Great customer service from Nintendo UK

Great customer service is something everybody wants or even expects these days, but when it occurs it is rarely publicised, yet if a customer receives poor service the story is a very different one indeed.
In fact, it seems that consumers expect amazing customer service more often from small businesses and sole traders than from big-brand companies.  As a sole trader in the retail and service sector, I can list many occasions where I have gone far out of my way to offer good or great customer service only for it to go unrecognised by the customer simply because that is what is expected. I do not work for recognition though, so I take it with a pinch of salt, but it would be nice from time to time.
Anyhow, here is my story of the fantastic customer service I experienced from Nintendo UK.
About a month or so ago  I purchased a second hand Nintendo 3DS XL along with a handful of games from a guy through the Shpock app on my phone. After purchasing I noticed that it had not been factory reset and when I attempted to do the reset myself I discovered that Parental Controls were in place and they prevented me from performing the reset. I contacted the seller but he had no idea what the Parental Controls password was.  I was considering returning the bundle to him but thought I would contact Nintendo customer support to see if there was anything I could do myself.
I emailed them, explained that I was not the original owner and that I had no proof of purchase but appealed to their kindness in the hope they would aid me regardless.
It took several days to receive a reply. The reply was surprising...

"The console will need to be formatted, in order to remove any data that has been left by the previous owners. We are required to follow this process for security reasons.
However, this is a completely free of charge service and we will send out a free post label to cover the cost of any postage and also return the console to you via courier."
I hopped onto their website, went through the process of booking in then awaited the email containing the prepaid postage label...then waited some more...then some more...and more.
After almost two weeks I replied to the email, explaining that I had booked it in but the postage label was never emailed. They responded the next day with the postage label attached to the email.
I sent the 3DS XL on 19th July 2017, yesterday (26th June 2017) it was returned. During the period between sending and receiving I received several emails and text messages explaining to me what was happening at each stage of the process.
20170727_150830Upon return, I read the letter that accompanied my now repaired and fully working console.

"As a result of the works carried out to your console and to provide you with the best possible service, your Nintendo Consumer Warranty has now been renewed for an addition 12 months for the date of this letter to protect you from further defects."
Huh? What? Lets recap a bit here, I purchased a second hand 3DS XL (not the NEW 3DS XL), had no proof of purchase, had to pay nothing to send the console in for repair, pay nothing for the repair, pay nothing for it to be returned by courier and Nintendo have renewed the warranty for 12 months! That is unheard of (at least by me).
Personally, my opinion of good customer service by big brands is that if they do the bare minimum to help a customer with an out of warranty product without making the customer jump through many loopholes then that is great. What Nintendo UK have done here is way above and beyond anything I expected.  was surprised enough to find they would help me out and that it would cost me nothing. That was great.
Yet Nintendo went much further, they gave me a brand new warranty on a product they have repaired free of charge, despite the fact that they received no additional profit from the secondary sale of the device. That, to me, is amazing and worthy of recognition.
If anyone from Nintendo UK Customer Service ever reads this, please accept my gratitude.
What about you? I'd love to read comments about the great customer service my readers have experienced from big-brand companies such as Nintendo. I'd also love to read your horror stories of customer disservice! Leave them in the comments below!


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