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About this blog

After many years of blogging, creating some great content in some cases, some terrible content in others, I have decided that now is the time to create something about me. My previous efforts have always been geared toward a particular niche; computers, Warhammer model painting, audiobooks, podcasts, Pokémon GO and TV shows. I will readily admit that I find it difficult to keep these blogs up to date with new content, after al, I have other, arguably more important things going on in my life; work, family, friends and so forth.

This blog is a bit different for me, I will use it to document my life (with certain sensitive details removed for obvious reasons). I will amalgamate my blogging efforts into a single blog, rather than the disjointed mess it has become over the years.

I aim to have a presence online that is more about me personally as opposed to my individual interests. A space on the internet that people can look to if they are considering a job offer maybe? A place that I can say what is on my mind without worrying too much that I may offend someone who’s opinion differs from my own. A corner of the web that is mine and mine alone.


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These are not the words of a poet

I hope that one day I will develop a better command of the English language. My ability is fine, but not even close enough to craft a novel or write a poem, not yet.  As with many people I hope that one day I might write a novel, a grand fiction in which hero’s do heroic things, lovers fall in love and bad guys do terribly bad things.  There shall be monsters and there shall be peril. I will write of courage and integrity, friendship and family and I will publish this masterpiece for all and any to read and enjoy.Well, that is my plan, but for now I can only dream of having such ability.I want to write because I love to read. I read a lot!
I love to read stories set in fantasy lands where knights fight for honour, I read stories about vampires who fall in love, I read stories about apocalyptic futures caused by nuclear war, alien invasion or zombie plagues, I read stories about space ships and aliens, and stories about survival in hopeless situations.Yet I own very few books.  This is …

Great customer service from Nintendo UK

Great customer service is something everybody wants or even expects these days, but when it occurs it is rarely publicised, yet if a customer receives poor service the story is a very different one indeed.
In fact, it seems that consumers expect amazing customer service more often from small businesses and sole traders than from big-brand companies.  As a sole trader in the retail and service sector, I can list many occasions where I have gone far out of my way to offer good or great customer service only for it to go unrecognised by the customer simply because that is what is expected. I do not work for recognition though, so I take it with a pinch of salt, but it would be nice from time to time.
Anyhow, here is my story of the fantastic customer service I experienced from Nintendo UK.
About a month or so ago  I purchased a second hand Nintendo 3DS XL along with a handful of games from a guy through the Shpock app on my phone. After purchasing I noticed that it had not been factory r…